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BMX Rider, Dayvis Heyne
An extremely talented and humble individual, Simple Man Clothing© BMX Rider Dayvis Heyne has been with the brand since day 1 - putting on for his city, homies, and of course, the brand. Has been repping Simple in numerous comps around the world, placing in nearly all of them! We're stoked to see Dayvis succeed, and also have such a dope rider on the Simple squad!

Photographer, Antonio Jaggie
A dude who took Simple Man Clothing© by storm off first impression. A kid who explains streetwear through his art of photography. From shooting Coney Island, to the Brooklyn Bridge, to Manhattan, Jaggie does a crazy-good job at capturing one of the founding cities of streetwear. Not only does he make our products look dope as hell, he also is a true player with his photos. He captures some of the most proper shots in the game.
Check out some of his other work at www.kostennn.tumblr.com and on Instagram: @KOSTENNN.